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Inspirational, Protective Talismans for Home, Office and Gurdwara (Sikh Temple)

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The Guru's Blessings - tabletop version.

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For your home (bedside table), office or Gurdwara/Sikh Temple or sanctuary

The Guru's Blessings - is a 3.5 inch/8.9cm high inspirational and protective 3D talisman sculpture mounted on an attractive stand. These feature Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh the first and tenth founders of the Sikh religion. These are masterfully wrought in CAD design from excellent historic paintings and have wonderful detail.

These are available in brass covered with a very durable PVD gold-tone finish (titanium nitride) with dark blue or white colored enameled background.

We also have them available in resin* - in blue, black and white

For your bedside table, dresser, office desk or anywhere else you wish to be inspired by the legacy of these most noble figures in Sikh history.

* after 4-6 years the gold may begin to fade in color (on the resin pieces only).