The Legacy of our Innovative, Excellent Artisan Kirpans


Our Artisan Kirpans are carried by men and women worldwide, young and older who are from the Sikh religion. These same kirpans are also collected by quite a few who also consider themselves Sikhs, and who cherish them as practical and beautiful and consider them a unique and sound investment for themselves and loved ones...

With the help of investors, who appreciate our vision and intentions, we are now stocking many more artisan kirpans than when we began this endeavor 20+ years ago. We have many newly designed and conceived superb, sharp kirpans - some designs in two sizes presently, others in three sizes.

Because of this we are able to offer you a great value for 10 days only - if you purchase any two of our Artisan Kirpans... Purchase two kirpans and get a 3rd for free. You can consider using Sezzle and pay over several months…. This special offer is running from June 7 through June 16.

(The 3rd, the free Kirpan can’t be more expensive than either of the two you purchased. Additionally, if the website is offering you any further discount, please do not take advantage of it when you place your order - we will not process the order with further discountsadded to this offer).

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