And opportunity for you to create something exceptional…. for yourself or loved ones.

 I am most grateful that the One Creator has afforded me the capacity to be very creative and bring forth excellence in all of the edged weapons that we offer. For 45 years I have designed and handmade all kinds of knives, swords and kirpans full-time for collectors and Sikhs from all over the world. Oftentimes it is a privilege, to be afforded the opportunity to create something that may be enjoyed and/or inspire for generations.

Recently, I finished two custom natural wood kirpans for a Canadian couple. Prior to shipping, I created a brief video describing the process and sharing the time, care and decades of experience that go into fabricating a project like this. You can read the clients review and his experience working directly with me here. (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

We can build something for you to cherish and eventually share with loved ones, or we are happy to build something specifically to serve the destiny and/or provide inspiration for family members. We did that for a couple with three children - and created three exceptional swords for them and they are the first three items featured in our Legacy Series.

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