'Song of the Khalsa' sword testimonials

Jot Singh Khalsa Ji,
Thank you so much for sending the 5 'Song of the Khalsa' swords for my family members. They arrived in perfect condition and are all very beautiful! The titanium nitride (gold tone) inserts were worth the wait. Keep up the great work!

Hardev Singh - United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Khalsa
Jot Singh Khalsa ji,
I been waiting for this type of sword for years. I just received it and I'm the first one of any of my associates to receive a sword to this caliber. Bhai Jot Singh Ji you and your team did a excellent job making this. I would suggest everyone should have one! Thank you Bhai Jot Singh Ji for making my dream come true!

Jaswant Singh - Nevada, USA

Dear Mr. Khalsa
I received my 'Song of the Khalsa' sword today in the mail. It was as promised. Blue scabbard. Cupronickel fittings with gold tone inserts. Beautiful laser engraving on the blade and 2 wonderful sayings. This masterpiece will be a treasure in my collection for years to come. Thanks for your excellent work!

Dr. Ron Yendrek - Ohio, USA

Dear Jot Singh Khalsa,
Your 'Song of the Khalsa' sword is a masterpiece! I couldn't possibly be happier... it's truly gorgeous. I just now opened the package... and then immediately sent some photos to my close associate Guru Karam Kaur! Now, to use it as intended... as a visible reminder to live life with courage, truth, dignity and honor. Sat Nam
With deepest gratitude to you, my friend,

Nirman Singh - California, USA

When I first came across The Song of the Khalsa, I immediately knew it was the perfect sword for my wedding. It completed my look and everyone that saw it took a moment to appreciate its beauty. I was proud to carry it throughout the day. Thank you Jot Singh for sharing this beautiful and affordable sword.

Balraj Atwal - Ontario, Canada