Gratitude for glances of Grace

‘Be 10 times better than me’ and a roadmap…. The legacy left by my Teacher


As I reflect after embracing Kundalini Yoga and meditation and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan for the majority of my life of almost 70 years, I personally am grateful for all that he gave to me. His teachings and technology changed the course of many of our lives and continues to do so all around the world. It is helping save us from the insanity, meaninglessness and busyness of life today. It helped us heal and flourish and continues to do so, if we are diligent embracing it and are open to expanding our version of the ‘roadmap’.

 I have further gratitude for having followed my interpretation of this ‘roadmap’ and becoming a Singh and a Khalsa (from the Sikh religion) in this life. I’m striving to embody the very highest values of a human, all arriving or have arrived through the grace of the One God. When there are billions who embrace their version of a noble, honorable, truthful, gracious, generous and just roadmap for All, then the universal forces behind all that is will continue to heal our humanity and we will become better custodians of this Mother Earth.

As I embark upon my remaining journey in this life with it’s inevitable physical body decline and frailties, I celebrate that my spirit and my soul are youthful and bubbly around their vision and desire to fulfill a destiny, through serving All.
My late Teacher is alleged to have committed grave improprieties and may be guilty of many if not all of those, in my mind. Personally, I can forgive him while creating support for those who feel or felt transgressed as well as trying to implement systems to prevent anything like these kinds of things from happening in the future within our organizations. I take solace in knowing that he had to face Our Maker, acknowledging what he did or did not do - like all of us must do eventually. Embracing opportunities to become 10X better than he may have been - is a blessing as I work to embody the excellence he served and inspired in many to cultivate and bring forth in themselves.

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