How we arrive at what we offer to you ….

Maybe 25 years ago an insightful and respected colleague told me I had been an architect in possibly more than one previous life. I always seem to appreciate architecture when out and about and have traveled quite a few places in the world where I've enjoying it. In this life I’ve become not only an artisan, but also one who conceives and designs new things that seem to inspire others.  Often these are products and I’m also finding I have innovative ideas and approaches that many value. I’m most grateful to the One who rotates the earth and looks after our routines, for the insights I receive through daily self-reflection. These  seem to arrive through my steady yoga and meditation practice and my intention to be the ‘best man I can be’ in my remaining years. During these challenging times in a pandemic, I’m further grateful for the ’tool-kit’ I was afforded and began to embrace in 1972.

We’re expecting some new samples of all of our inspirational and protective talismans  for the home, office or Gurdwara/Sikh Temple in the next month or so. Once we have those, we will offer some pre-order specials on them for your consideration! Blessings to All! 

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