Kirpans you and loved ones can be proud to wear!

One of the gifts I have been afforded in this life is conceiving, designing and fabricating Kirpans of excellence. As a professional contemporary artisan for almost 45 years now, and having many immensely enjoy our ‘one-of-a-kind' Kirpans, we needed to bring out more affordable highest quality, beautiful Kirpans. Sikhs who consider themselves saint-soldiers, or any who are drawn to the concept of standing up for others can find profound blessings in this life through enabling this. To stand up for others who may struggle with the notion of standing up for themselves or others. 
So our Kirpans needed to be sharp to insure that if they felt required, as a very last resort to be used, they could capably serve!


Our Kirpans look very little like anything that comes out of or has come out of India. I had no interest in copying anything that wasn't 'singing to me'. I'd been fortunate to be able to tap into my own creativity with decades of practice and training. I spent six years at university, not only learning from master artisan metalsmith professors, but also with dozens of capable and talented graduate students. 
Our Kirpans needed to be beautiful with an excellent fit, finish and harmony between all of the parts. 


We are starting with two new factories because our production which required only the most capably trained workers, was just too much for the factory who made our artisan kirpans for 13 years. New designs are coming! And we may not immediately reproduce the designs we have been producing now for 15 years. So if you are looking for something excellent to gift, inspire or wear yourself - now may be the time to invest in our unique artisan kirpans as our current stock is dwindling....

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