Many/most of us are feeling tested in these times...

Some are being tested more than others.... Many are not so fortunate to have methods to help them relax nor feeling like they can slow down a bit to better handle all of the stressors that have been accumulating for more than a year now. Many are still out of work and have families to feed. Many more are challenged to take care of their employees, when businesses have been closed. Mothers and fathers may have children at home or are choosing to have them learn remotely and are doing their best to help their kids plug-in virtually, and many do not have adequate patience or technology to have it be as effective as it could be. Varied of our systems to handle many of these ongoing demands are struggling to keep up and serve everyone. Can we rise to the challenge - doing our best to go beyond our own needs (without neglecting our own health too much) to provide support to others not so fortunate - a kind word, empathy, a thoughtful or generous gesture, a prayer? 

We are in the midst of what is likely a very unique period in our lives. It is providing numerous opportunities for learning, reflection and shifting ways we think, respond and behave - if we have the ‘bandwidth’ to go to that place within ourselves. Many are not so fortunate I believe. It is a time for hope and prayer - if you might be so inclined - for deep breaths.... you can try some of those and more here to restore and rejuvenate. 

May the universe give us all of the strength we need to endure (and even flourish) amidst this current pandemic and reflect on how we can ‘serve together and serve our neighbors’. 

Blessings to All! ✌️

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