How I began to 'master fear and enable miracles’, healing myself and releasing karma of lifetimes…

In my experience, the first step in leaving fear is uncovering and learning about your own! This can take years, even decades as we may have layers of fear. For quite a few years I've held a prayer to become absolutely fearless. I visited Hemkunt, a mountaintop in the Himalayas in India with that prayer, where my teacher had shared that the ‘10th master and founder of the Sikhs’ had meditated for lifetimes prior to incarnating to serve and protect those in and around India as Guru Gobind Singh. He was a wonderful humanitarian and saint-soldier in the late 1600’s/early 1700’s when there was tyrannic religious oppression there. 

For almost 50 years I have gratefully immersed myself in Kundalini Yoga and meditation (Naam Simran). Possibly you have a different methodology or practice that elevates you and your capacity to handle stress, be expansive, uplifted and do your best to serve others and behave excellently largely - all good! It has been an interesting journey for me.  Uplifting, healing, enriching and regularly challenging. I believe this yogic science comprises one of the best ‘tool kits’ available today to help us manage stress, elevate our consciousness and begin to learn about our fear! When embracing ‘the yoga of awareness’ (Kundalini Yoga) with consistency we begin to see more clearly all things which have occurred in this life (and previous lives) some of which we may have tried to forget.  Flashing through our sub-conscious ‘radar’, all elements of trauma and unresolved difficult experiences will come to the fore. Then we have an opportunity to address those through varied means and begin to heal ourselves or not and do nothing, continuing to live with our ‘diminished’ self. Because my wife and I did not have children and I was fortunately physically fit and able, I prioritized cultivating discipline with this practice which continues to this day. And I pray it will continue as long as I’m able. I find through my diligence, dedication and capacity to still embrace the yoga powerfully (can work very well in kundalini yoga), it get’s more rewarding as time goes on. 

Around the same time I began embracing yoga and meditation I also started immersing myself in martial arts training. I had been bullied some when I was younger teenager, and this training boosted my confidence in general as well as my capacity to protect myself, if necessary. On a certain level it was deeply relaxing. On another, it was the most empowering thing I’d ever done, outside of yoga and meditation. I continued this immersion in ‘practice fighting’ in a few different ‘arts’ for several decades and found it precious. I believe that we can leave up to 70% of our fear through intense martial arts training/practice fighting. I further believe learning how to protect oneself can be a sacred endeavor, if done in a very respectful setting with an exemplary teacher - especially for women. It can enable a skill set and self-confidence where no one will be able to take advantage of that woman in any way! In my teaching of kundalini yoga and meditation, I regularly emphasize that women may be well served if they have the capacity to be ‘ferocious’, if necessary.

I do believe in the world we live in today, confronting injustice wherever one may see or feel it, is important to make it a better place. Doing that as wisely as possible, so you might stay safe yourself can be prudent, unless a situation seems dire enough that you feel called to risk your own life in defense of whatever might be going on. When we intelligently and fearlessly ‘answer the call’ to step in and help others when ‘something is awry’ and unsettling for you, you may be able to help bring understanding, a peaceful resolution and even help the perpetrator learn an important lesson. Blessings can arrive through these kinds of gestures, when we intercede to help restore some sense of normalcy! 

I was also fortunate for decades to manage the food preparation at some of the larger events around the solstices which our yoga organization sponsored. This helped me begin to understand the privilege of serving others in life. (And it was at these sacred bi-annual gatherings that I first began noticing small miracles happening for me!) I continued, pre-pandemic, to oversee food preparation often wherever I found myself, including one special meal at these larger events and locally. It is natural for me to express my enthusiasm and gratitude around service to others. I also believe ‘grace and miracles’ can arrive for us when we go out of our way to serve whatever we believe is an important cause. 

All of the above mentioned things, have served to help me leave substantial fear and self doubt, as well as observe small miracles happening regularly in my life. Blessings to All! 🙏

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  • Thanks for who you are as an inspiring HUMAN!

    Katya Miller

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