Zoom call with Jot Singh - Saturday, May 27, 2023


The Spiritual Warrior shines through, wearing our stainless Damascus steel kara bracelets and artisan kirpans

Our World has a great need - that more of us stand up as Spiritual Warriors – today! People are marginalized all around us on a daily basis. We hear about it on the news or we read about it through varied media.

In Sikh history we have a wonderfully noble, most exemplary lineage where many stood up for the rights of others.

At Khalsa Raj we are staunch supporters of continuing this noble legacy and tradition.

For generations Damascus steel was used for edged weapons by those who were ‘in the know’ around the best quality blade steel for edge holding and ductility / toughness.  

We’ve now created something ‘a bit legendary’ in our excellent quality stainless Damascus steel kara bracelets, which are unparalleled in the realm of kara bracelet’s. They carry that same pattern sophistication that is inherent in forge welded Damascus steel.

Should you have any desire to affirm your identity as a warrior of truth and justice, these will be a boon to your presence!   

For almost 20 years we have offered original design excellence through our Artisan Kirpans!

These are cherished and collected by many all over the world. And they are sharp! What good is your kirpan if it is not?

We are in the process of offering many new designs in our artisan kirpans! Stay tuned – we anticipate having numerous exciting offerings before the end of 2023…




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