One-of-a-kind Knives, Swords, Kirpans and Jewelry

I consider it a gift that the One Creator affords me the presence of mind and the capacity to focus deeply with steady hands, as well as the joy and challenges that arise bringing forth original, inspired, artful and functional edged weapons and jewelry regularly. I’m also deeply grateful to be able to collaborate with gifted artisans, engravers, jewelers and stone setters. After almost 45 years of working at this, I’m recognizing that I’m more capable than I’ve ever been to execute complex and involved projects!

You have an opportunity with us, to create something ‘one of a kind’ of the highest quality available anywhere. It can be something you may have only envisioned and we can help bring whatever that might be to life for you! A masterful work which you can cherish for years and eventually pass to loved ones. I’ve been fortunate to specialize in these kinds of projects for over 35 years, working closely with clients and bringing exceptional, highest quality knives, swords, kirpans and jewelry into their or loved ones lives and homes. Each time it is a privilege.  

Early in 2021, a local gentleman called and wanted to order something extraordinary to present as a gift to his wife. The Kirpan we have created is among the most fabulous, decorative Kirpans we’ve had the good fortune to bring forth. During the initial stages of conceptualization, numerous ideas were coming to me during my early morning Japji(prayer)/yoga/meditation routine. I brought each of those to the client and each time he approved the insights I’d received for this project. 

Which of you men (or women) would love to give something exceptionally beautiful and significantly meaningful to your wonderful wife (or husband) or children? We did that for a USA couple, making exceptional custom swords for each of their three children. (All 3 of which are in our one-of-a-kind sword collection).

We are honored to be part of making what some may consider a sacred object for this gentleman’s wife (pictured above on thumbnail for video). We were provided pictures of her and my dear colleague and collaborator of decades, master engraver, sculptor and stone setter Julie Warenski-Erickson, has portrayed her in a 24 karat gold inlay holding a sword on one side of the Kirpan, surrounded by diamonds and yellow sapphires. All of this so the gentleman’s wife might feel empowered to fulfill what she may be called to do in this life, a destiny. In these most unusual times and a seemingly world-wide awakening to the need for women to be shown greater respect and recognized as equals, this empowered sword-bearing woman shines as an example for women everywhere. That they may feel empowered and emboldened gathering the courage and fortitude to face all of life’s challenges.

On the other side of this Kirpan, the Golden Temple, located in Amritsar India and considered by many to be the most sacred Sikh shrine in the world, is inlaid, engraved and sculpted in 24K gold and surrounded by diamonds and yellow sapphires also. 

Larger tanzanite and diamonds surround the edge of the Kirpan almost all the way around it, with a stylized, beaded-wire 24 karat gold inlaid border.  

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