Our new exceptional stainless Damascus steel kara bracelets

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 Earlier in my career and for around 25 years, I forge-welded high carbon Damascus steel in our smaller manufacturing facility in Millis Massachusetts in the north eastern USA, with the help of a large belt-driven drop-hammer. (This 2 ton behemoth, pictured to the left and patented in 1909, was lowered down through the roof of the shop annex via crane, before we put the roof on and is still within the shop confines - just not being utilized). I stopped making Damascus steel in 1998, finding the fumes from some of the compounds being utilized in the process   potentially hazardous to my health. These forge-welded Damascus billets which I created would be utilized by cutting out the knife, sword and kirpan (Sikh knife) blade shapes and at times some of the metal fittings of these items. Most often these would be for our private clients from many places in the world, like the fluted ivory (now banned) dagger and matching scabbard to the right and with some regularity for extra special projects – as in the image below the dagger of The Sword of Baisakhi ‘99.


Making Damascus steel was a rather mystical process and experience for me. I found that in the heat of the coal and eventually gas forges where bringing the yellow/orange hot metal billet to the drop-hammer,

being squashed in between two steel dies continuously, by 900 pounds of force in an area approximately 5 inches/13cm wide by 9 inches/23cm long. I had studied/learned the process of making Damascus steel with several accomplished and very respected bladesmiths who I would often meet at knife shows I attended in the United States, Europe and Japan for approximately 40 years. They were kind enough to allow me to visit their homes/knife shops in different states within the USA.

 Since ending my own making of high-carbon steel Damascus almost 25 years ago, we have been utilizing stainless Damascus steel billets and bars, made by other accomplished colleagues here in the USA, for our custom blades and other knife, sword and kirpan parts. This has been the most satisfying and desirable way to serve our clients worldwide. Everyone who is collecting and/or carrying a unique and exceptional edged tool or weapon wants to be sure, that the blade, or other varied fittings, will remain stunningly unique, sharp, beautiful and free from any oxidation/corrosion from the elements over time.

So for us, introducing exquisite, sophisticated, ultra-stylish and highly rust and corrosion resistant Stainless Damascus steel kara bracelets, was a logical move. We believe this is providing something a bitlegendary, original and artful not only for those who call themselves Sikhs all over the world, but any who might enjoy a beautiful, quite unique steel bracelet (no two are ever the same – just like fingerprints).  We hope many will cherish wearing these and also that they might feel they are a bit magikal, affording them some of the strength, which I’ve come to believe steel can lend us and beauty they need in their lives these days, in these continued most unusual times….


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