Our New Wall Art - unique, inspiring and masterfully executed

For almost 5 decades I’ve been fortunate to bring forth original artful products, utilizing the artistic gifts I have been afforded in this life. Regularly it is a rather exciting journey, being an innovator and introducing objects that garner appreciation worldwide. In the wonderfully satisfying realm of providing inspirational, empowering objects of excellence, we do our best to insure customers are satisfied.

One of our more recent endeavors, was to create three dimensional portraits of two of the founders of Sikhism. This originated through having to replace a small solid gold portrait panel on one side of a sword handle, that went missing. The sword had been gifted to a temple in northern India back in April 1999. We referred to a few respected historical paintings of Guru Gobind Singh and got the detail we needed. Guru Nanak’s portrait, the initial founder of Sikhism, came a bit later. These became our first foray into this realm of creating 3D wall art and desktop/night table sculptural portrait figures.

We showed and offered some of these for sale during a large Sikh parade in late 2022 and again quite recently (above) during a Sikh holiday at a local Gurdwara/Sikh Temple. We received lots of enthusiasm and consistent sales. We still have some of the larger sizes 24”/61cm of both of the figures.

A few have expressed their concerns around these pieces possibly ‘being worshipped’ as idols. This is the furthest thing from our intention. They are just meant to be inspiration to us, to be the best we can be in this life!

Recent Customer Review: The Guru Nanak wall piece came exactly as expected. It is a really beautiful piece and I love it!                     Jennifer Singh, USA

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