Our Origin and Story

Khalsa literally means pure one or pure one's -  Raj means or represents royal or royalty. For over 40 years now and led by Jot Singh, who adopted Sikhism 50 years ago and was baptized as a Khalsa, we have worked diligently creating 'one of a kind' knives, swords, kirpans, jewelry and artful objects for many throughout the world. We have been privileged to present our swords and kirpans at varied auspicious occasions within and close to the Sikh community in a handful of countries. Several of those stories and presentations are listed just below with links to the pieces and events.

~ Our highly embellished sword presented to Keshgar Sahib Gurdwara in Anandpur Sahib India honoring the 'Birth of the Khalsa' and life and legacy of the 10th Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, in April 1999 - here.  

~ Our first 'Song of the Khalsa' sword presented to and honoring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Parliament Hill, Ottawa Canada in a special Baisakhi service held there - April 2016 - hereWe anticipate receiving our initial batch of these excellent, more affordable swords by springtime '22 from a new supplier and are excited about them. Order yours soon here! Here is an image of the next generation of these swords.

~ Several presentations honoring exceptional service including an auspicious birth anniversary occasion - here, 

Jot Singh, as a contemporary designer, knifemaker/bladesmith, has also been fortunate to have won numerous awards over decades for his knives/swords/kirpans listed here.

I consider it a gift that the One Creator affords me the presence of mind, the capacity to focus deeply with capable hands as well as the joy and the challenges that arise bringing forth original, inspired, artful and quite functional knives/swords/kirpans and jewelry regularly. I’m deeply grateful to be able to collaborate with gifted artisans, engravers, jewelers and stone setters.

After almost 45 years working at this I’m realizing that I’m more capable than ever been to execute complex and involved projects! I'm also grateful for the steadiness and intuition my daily Japji Sahib/yoga/meditation provide in my 50th year embracing it. And I also recognize that this will not last forever ....

You have an opportunity with us, to create something ‘one of a kind’ of the highest quality available anywhere. It can be something you may have only envisioned and we can help bring whatever that might be to life for you! A masterful work which you can cherish for years and eventually pass to loved ones. I’ve been fortunate to specialize in these kinds of projects for around 35 years now, working closely with clients and bringing exceptional, highest quality knives, swords, Kirpans and jewelry into their or loved ones homes. It is most often a privilege.

We've also worked to create very affordable, innovative, original jewelry and artful products which uplift, empower and inspire all who adorn themselves with these or decorate their home or office with them. It has been our privilege to constantly reflect and offer unique and innovative items to our diverse customer base.

We are working diligently to continue to offer the very highest quality items in varied price ranges and become a very recognized global brand. We are continually looking to offer you products that you will be proud to own, share with friends and colleagues, gift and eventually items you and/or they will pass to loved ones.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for us or wish to support our efforts to help enrich and heal our world - please contact us.

You can get a better sense of who we are, by checking out our blog posts.

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