A bit of our history and capacity to create excellence in blades and jewelry...

It was 1972 when I began immersing myself in the world of art and metalsmithing. For 6 years I was fortunate to have excellent ‘master metalsmith’ professors and inspirational graduate student mentors to help me begin to apply my skills and gifts in becoming a creative artisan, gold and silversmith. I was blessed from the outset to embrace numerous opportunities, learning new skills around design, metals, tools and machinery and at the same time tapping into the ‘world within myself’ through engaging in regular yoga, meditation and service to others.

After graduating university in ‘78 and having embraced and adopted the Sikh religion several years earlier, I set up a small shop where I began making knives, kirpans and jewelry not too many miles from where I grew up outside of Boston. I traveled extensively learning from other accomplished bladesmiths, knifemakers and engravers.

Now we’ve relocated and have a different small manufacturing facility about an hour outside of Boston where we have the capacity to create exceptional works of 'bladed, jewelry or decorative' art. We have collaborated for decades with master artisans, engravers, jewelers and stone setters to produce some wonderful 'edged objects' that are in temples in India, private collections worldwide and museums. Some of those can be seen here and here.

We will be honored to create something significant for you. Whether you might be envisioning a sword, dagger, kirpan, or a piece of jewelry utilizing precious metals, gems and diamonds from something that no longer 'sings for you’. We’ll also be happy to help you conceive another kind of item which you might be imagining, to eventually pass to loved ones. We are here to work closely with you or loved ones to manifest something of excellence and majesty, to honor and inspire your families' legacy.


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