The delight and satisfaction in decorating and adorning people with our things

Just this past Sunday, our sister Gurdwara (Sikh temple) in Westborough Massachusetts was celebrating Baisakhi - a Sikh holiday honoring the ‘birth’ of the Khalsa which is a ‘rite of passage’ within Sikhism for those who choose to be baptized and become Khalsa (a pure one). Almost 50 years ago now, I chose to be baptized. For me, it is a constant opportunity (and challenge) to shift thoughts and behaviors and endeavor to bring excellence into every facet of my life. 

A dear colleague and I set up a table of our merchandise and found wonderful interest in our things. We sent many away with new jewelry or kirpans to cherish themselves, give as gifts and both of those! We are grateful.

My teacher used to say ‘don’t follow the trend - create the trend’. I am grateful that with God’s blessings and gifts we are bringing forth new and innovative items to empower, inspire and heal many. We consider this a privilege. 

Let us know what you would like to see? Reflect upon commissioning us to create a fabulous kirpan, sword, knife or piece of jewelry of your dreams - we will not disappoint! And peruse the varied, extensive collections of items that we offer!

Blessings to All! 

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