Why are we here?

You and I on this planet earth? It is likely that every person you talk to or ask this question to will offer a different perspective. If you reach out to those whom you respect, admire and appreciate in your life with these kinds of questions, there will likely be some overlap, some common values that emerge.

I’m very grateful that in my late teens I was introduced to a system of yoga and meditation that continues to enrich and help me embrace new, important learning on a daily basis. One of the things I’ve come to believe, over decades, is we are here to serve, honor and respect one another. No matter the color of our skin, whether we are a man or woman, or what our sexual preference/orientation might be. This may be the biggest lesson humanity will be well served learning anytime in the near future, to begin to enable a more peaceful world ....

So many are ruled by greed, ego, power and other things that can blind and corrupt them into thinking they are better than others. In my world we are all children of the One creator and our challenge and opportunity is in learning to work and serve together with smiles, best we can.

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Three sage tips from a holistic physician from India for our overall health and wellness here. 

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