Why our kirpans, swords, jewelry and artful objects are a ‘cut above’ anything available...

For more than 40 years I’ve been a full-time knife, sword and Kirpan maker, as well as a jewelry designer and manufacturer. I studied intensively for 6 years, beginning in 1972, at a university in upstate New York with 2 master gold and silversmiths as well as with very capable graduate students. After graduation, I visited a number of the highest regarded people alive making knives and swords of various types. I personally train all of the people at the factories who make things for us by going to these various places in the world. (There have been some delays because of no travel during the pandemic). Often it takes some time to get the quality we must have. We are starting with several new factories where I’ve met and spent some time with the people who’ll make new Kirpans, swords and other artful objects for us. We are enthused and hopeful that our standard of excellence in production will arrive with the initial orders from these suppliers. We always receive samples/prototypes first to insure this kind of thing. We are committed to offering only the highest quality products available and are honored to make them available to you! 

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