Why our products are so appreciated in these times!

In our lifetime, I don’t believe any of us have seen circumstances as unusual as are being brought to us presently. From Covid-19 to racial and gender injustices, to the greed and sexual/power abuses that are way too prevalent worldwide by individuals and corporations, the challenges many, if not most face are not small.

So what can you and I do in the face of these current realities and injustices? Certainly exercise caution and preventative measures around anything to do with the pandemic. And then we can speak up or do something when it may serve well! If you are a well meaning person with good intentions, you may be able to make a difference when something appears to be happening that doesn’t feel, look or sound right to you! I relate strongly to and try live by my teachers wise saying ‘It’s not the life that matters - it’s the courage you bring to it’. I do my best to ‘speak' to anything that strikes me as ‘this isn’t right’. Oftentimes this requires courage and taking action.

I believe good fortune and blessings arrive for us through thoughtful actions where we are ‘answering the call’ helping do the right things for others not being treated well.

Being kind, compassionate and generous, best you can, towards all living things also yields ‘bonus points’ / good fortune for us provided by the universe, in my way of thinking. Every action that makes another’s journey easier or more comfortable, makes our world a brighter place….

Whether our Kirpans, swords or jewelry and artful objects (found under their own heading in the menu bar), we work diligently to create all with overall excellence to inspire and empower you!

And possibly you wish to create something truly one of a kind that you can cherish owning (or gifting to a loved one) or sharing with friends and colleagues and to eventually hand down to your children. We would be honored to do that for you also and find those here or here as well as under the heading ‘Custom Blades’. If you are interested in something unique and superb under ‘jewelry and art’ please contact us directly. We are here to serve your needs and wishes....


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