How and why we endeavor to bring forth innovation and excellence… always!


I have been profoundly fortunate in my life. In my late teens I happened upon a system of yoga and Naam Simran (meditation) - that began to shift my entire outlook and path in life. The gentleman, Yogi Harbhajan Singh, who introduced me to this and was my teacher for 30 years, grew up in India and was a Sikh. His guidance has helped me navigate and find wonderful depth and purpose in my life.

My journey of becoming a Singh (male Sikh) and a Khalsa (baptized Sikh) have been great blessings for me in this life and not without very real challenges - as is life for all of us I believe. At the same time I was embracing yoga and meditation, having been bullied when I was in my younger teens, I began martial arts training and have continued with all of these practices now for 51 years.

Not only have I been privileged to create swords and kirpans that have been gifted during important ceremonies for the international Sikh community in the last 25 years, being celebrated in India, I have been creating a variety of edged weapons for collectors all over the world for the last 45 years. My extensive training in jewelry making, knife / sword making and design, has enabled me to understand what is involved to create excellence in products from a visual standpoint as well as in fabrication.

So, my team and I are dedicated to bringing forth products that inspire, empower, provide courage and enliven all of us. And we are working very diligently to become a household name throughout the world, not only serving the Sikh community, but all people through the unique highest quality products we manifest.

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