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If you wish to take advantage of our previous Flash sale special offer - 'buy two Kirpans and get a third for free' - please reach out to us via text, email or call us with exactly what you're looking for. 

We expect our first batch of 50 Song of the Khalsa swords - in the neighborhood of June 1. Now is the time for you to save 30% by placing your order April 1-3, 2022 / this weekend only, as we do anticipate the final price of these going up some, once we actually receive them. We believe these swords may be among the finest that many of you will have ever seen or handled, at a reasonable price. We are confident our new supplier will add immense value and excellence to these swords. We are confident there will be overall greater uniformity of fit and finish in these new swords through the additional time spent on each one and attention to every detail. Order here for yourself or loved ones and read testimonials from previous customers here.

Here's our latest image of what we're anticipating arriving.

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