Jewelry Testimonials

In the practice of expanding consciousness — throughout the centuries — the Yogis and Yoginis, Mystics and Monks, would super-charge their physical bodies using postures, breathing, movement, chanting, prayer and meditation. It has been found that this transformation actually took place at the level of the atom. In this pursuit of excellence, they also learned to affect this atomic level by using precious and semi-precious stones. They would place them at particular locations within the meridians and chakras to affect the physical world from the meta-physical level.

As a Yogi in today’s world, I rely on such advantages to live a life in tune with the universal excellence. I have found one such artisan who intuitively produces gem-filled pieces of jewelry that act as accelerators to the conscious intention. One particular piece of his jewelry I wear while teaching . . . literally acts as a cosmic microphone for my throat chakra.

This artisan is Jot Singh Khalsa. His jewelry line is Khalsa Raj. I recommend it to anyone who is involved with the study and practice of human excellence and higher consciousness.

 Guru Singh – Los Angeles, CA 

Dear Jot Singh,

I opened the Fedex box today, then placed the unopened, elegant Khalsa Raj box in a special location where I could enjoy the box and look forward to opening it later in the day. And just now, I opened the box and out loud, the word "Wow!" spilled out of my mouth. Sparkly. Shiny. Stunning. Unexpected radiance popping out of the box. A true sight to behold. It's perfect. The size is perfect. The workmanship is exquisite. An uplifting experience. The energetic frequency is palpable. Transformative. Now it's up to me to be worthy of this bestowal. Just want to let you know how appreciative I am of your having helped me have a beautiful diamond and silver protective pin. The power can be felt. Your kindness is beyond measure. Thank you, Jot Singh. This is a very powerful piece. I am humbled.

SA - California

After the tratakum meditation when the image of the Khanda / Adi Shakti kept coming to my mind, I found Khalsa Raj's beautiful works on the web. As soon as I saw the symbol with axes, I knew I needed to get the one. I feel so much strength and radiance from the pin and look forward to spending time with the powerful symbol crafted and created with Jot Singh's subtlety.

In gratitude,

Ditta Kaur – USA

I just received my package and am very happy. Both items are very beautiful! Thank you for everything and it was very nice speaking with you the other day. God Bless!

T. Mann - California – USA

received my pendant only moments ago. It is truly beautiful - thank you!

Nanscye Sky Dancer - Alabama, USA

We are very very happy with the two Khanda / Adi Shakti pins we ordered. They are beautiful, and we can feel the energy and reverence with which they have been handmade. We are impressed with the level of customization and customer service offered through Khalsa Raj. All attention was focused on making sure that we would be satisfied with the Khandas / Adi Shaktis. They are the perfect size and fit me and my partner wonderfully. Mine is a very strong lapis and rutilated quartz pin, and because of how fine and detailed it is crafted, I feel, it looks very elegant and graceful on my turban.

Giangeet Kaur - California, USA

While abroad recently, I travelled some with a Shaman/wise man and medical doctor. He found the necklace and ring I'd purchased from Khalsa Raj to be 'a fortunate choice' and 'powerful talismans'. I smiled at his comments and told him that they protect me. He nodded and agreed. Thank you for your excellent work.

KW - East Coast, USA

I just received my necklace in the mail, and it is very beautiful and well made. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. Have a great day!

K. Dunn, Texas, USA

The Talisman necklace has arrived and it is just marvelous … thank you so much …. I'm already wearing it and it feels so light - very nice!

T. Gattermann – Germany


Greetings Jot Singh,

I want to let you know I received your shipment today. Both jewelry pieces are gorgeous and even more beautiful in person than the photos from your website show. I know my wife will cherish them. Thank you again for your personal attention and assistance helping me to select these beautiful gifts.

Stay Healthy and best regards,

Louis B. -  Florida, USA