Our Story

For over 40 years now we have created 'one of a kind' knives, swords, kirpans and jewelry for many throughout the world. We've also worked to create very affordable 'cutting edge' products which uplift and empower all who adorn themselves with our things or own them. It has been our privilege to reflect, innovate and offer unique and inspired items to our diverse customer base. 

We are working diligently to continue to offer the very highest quality items in varied price ranges and become a global brand. We are continually looking to offer you products that you are proud to own, share with friends and colleagues, gift and eventually items you and/or they may pass to loved ones.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for us or wish to support our efforts to help enrich and heal our world - please contact us.

You can get a better sense of who we are, by checking out our blog posts.