Silver and carved mother of pearl mini dagger LifeKnives ensemble

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Exquisite Silver/Gemstone Butterflies

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White - was our most popular color!!!

Natural white mosaic mother of pearl. Plain and laser engraved kirpans. If they all were like these remaining few, we'd have not discontinued them!!!

For those who appreciate excellence in a kirpan!

Natural diamond encrusted solid sterling silver curved LifeKnife dagger pendant

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Symbolic silver collection for courage, grit and grace!

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Kara Bracelets Multi Purchase Offer

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Large gold or multi-color mother of pearl Diamond Mosaic Kirpans

Order any large plain or laser engraved gold mother of pearl or large plain multi-color diamond mosaic kirpans, and we'll give you 40% off!!

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Khalsa1699 watches feature the Khanda / Adi Shakti symbol on the face of each watch.

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Large and Compact Sapphire Blue Kirinite Plain Kirpans!

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