Deep discounts on much of our varied symbolic jewelry!!


We have numerous exquisite and inspiring pendants and necklaces at 25% off for a limited time!! You can also receive a great value purchasing more than one of our best-selling kara bracelets. Don’t miss this opportunity to decorate yourself or loved ones, with our ‘cutting edge’ designs which uplift, inspire and empower! Check em out on the Homepage - and just scroll down a touch….


AND!! Our jewelry comes in the most exquisite jewelry boxes with your purchases - to add that special enjoyment and anticipation prior to opening!

Recent customer testimonial below: “I opened the Fedex parcel today, then placed the unopened, elegant Khalsa Raj box in a special location where I could enjoy the box and look forward to opening the box later in the day. And just now, I opened the box and out loud, the word "Wow!" spilled out of my mouth. Sparkly. Shiny. Stunning. Unexpected radiance popping out of the box. A true sight to behold. It's perfect. The size is perfect. The workmanship is exquisite. An uplifting experience. The energetic frequency is palpable. Transformative. Now it's up to me to be worthy of this bestowal. Just want to let you know how appreciative I am of your having helped me have a beautiful diamond and silver protective pin. The power can be felt. Your kindness is beyond measure. Thank you, Jot Singh. This is a very powerful piece. I am humbled.” SA - California, USA

Blessings to All.

Jot Singh and Team Khalsa Raj

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