An opportunity for some in these times….

What a ride it has been and we don’t really know if the end is in sight! Many are stressed beyond anything they have experienced previously and God bless each of those. Since I had no great need to travel for business, (since we have a successful online presence here) I also did not feel it was critical for me to be vaccinated. I double mask when food shopping (one of very few things I go out for) and I have no underlying health conditions at almost 69, it was only recently that I had my first vaccine shot and will receive the other soon. 

This month I will begin my 50th year embracing kundalini yoga and meditation. Amidst these most unusual times, I am grateful that I have had this methodology to lean on to help me better navigate through and with the current turbulence in our world. Because it has become habitual for me to rise well before the sun, through getting to bed early, eating lightly later in the day and getting adequate exercise, I am able to incorporate practicing on a daily basis. This helps me regularly accomplish things with an important clarity of mind. My routine: Reading Japji Sahib connects me with my soul and the consciousness of Guru Nanak, a brilliant sage (and the first of the 10 founders of Sikhism) who illuminated our world with wisdom, thoughtfulness and kindness almost 600 years ago. Kundalini Yoga stimulates and tunes-up the varied glandular systems as well as strengthening and toning my physical body. Through meditation I learn about and heal myself from lifetimes of karma, and do my best to listen deeply to how I might best continue to carry out this journey we call life, moving forward with purpose and a smile for everyone - best I can. I am further grateful for these gifts as they help me to continue navigating through the ongoing uncertainty and abnormalities in daily life that many/most of us face currently - in a pretty relaxed manner.

Those who may be so moved have an opportunity should they see one and choose to embrace it. Help this world become a better place for all, through one smile and good deed at a time, best you can and when it’s time to leave it, do your best to feel good/grateful having offered what you could of lasting value…. Blessings to All!

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