Getting to know the Punjabi Sikh community in the northeast USA...

Over the last few months I’ve been fortunate to travel to several Gurdwaras (Sikh Temples) in the New York and New Jersey areas over the weekends. My intention has been to get out there and introduce people to our excellent product lines designed and conceived to uplift, inspire and heal. There have been mixed reactions making it very clear that some are more open minded, appreciating the innovation, excellence and practicality that we bring to our Kirpans (Sikh knives), swords, symbolic jewelry and inspirational wall art and others struggle to understand why we do what we do. All OK. I am grateful for my over five decades of training in yoga, meditation and the martial arts to provide me the resilience to listen to those who struggle to understand why we bring certain things forward and to do our very best to show respect in return. Everything that we bring forth receives pretty thorough testing in the marketplace, before we decide to put it in production. 

Our latest foray is creating some very affordable, lightweight and fairly simple dark blue G10 (ultra-durable and handsome) Kirpans, made by the same factory that has produced many of our Kirpans for the last 20 years. You can consider pre-ordering those now and saving 30% off of the normal retail price!

Have any interest in being a reseller of our best selling, world’s finest - artisan kirpans or any of our other product lines? Click here for more details.

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