Much gratitude and thanks - just prior to turning 70 years old

My teacher used to say ‘don’t follow the trend - create the trend’.

With gratitude and with God’s blessings and gifts, my team and I continue to conceive and bring forth new, innovative items (at this link we have an introductory offer - 20% off one/ 30% off more than one) to empower, inspire and heal.

We consider bringing forth these items and offering them to you and others all over the world, a privilege and great blessing. 

Let us know if there is something you would like to see us manifest?

Consider commissioning us to create the important kirpan, sword, knife or piece of jewelry of your dreams or a themed series of items for your wedding (6 - 12 months minimum required prior to your special date) - we will not disappoint!

Explore on this website the varied, extensive collections of unique, original and beautiful items that we offer, all to give you the strength, courage and fortitude you need these days!

Feel free to call us to discuss possibilities....

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