Finding blessings and miracles through serving others…

Growing up outside Boston as a spoiled, white Jewish kid I had no experience or understanding of the notion of service to others. It was just not part of the culture in my realms at that time.

It was not until at 19 years old when I embraced a methodology of yoga and meditation, which began bringing me inside of myself, as well as beginning to adopt Sikhism, where ‘service to others’ is widely practiced, that I started glimpsing the sacredness that can be part of deeply understanding this life-enhancing opportunity and privilege.

For over 30 years, I was in charge of all adult food preparation (always vegetarian) at two annual yoga events, where regularly 2000+ people would attend. Many staff members participated and supported this effort. This is where I began to learn the privilege of serving others, by guiding, encouraging and nurturing many at these events. It’s something I consider a blessing to continue to regularly orchestrate locally monthly as well as once a year at our largest event in the USA (pre-pandemic). This is where I first began to experience small miracles happening in my life, at these bi-annual sacred gatherings.

Now in my 50th year of immersion in the yoga/meditation/Sikh lifestyles, I recognize that the universe, the One Creator, will always find ways for us to serve, even in very challenging times - when we have been blessed with the understanding that service can lead us to fulfillment and joy.

During the last two years in lockdown under pandemic restrictions, one way I’ve enjoyed and found enriching is serving through Facebook, by reading, observing and posting/sharing regularly, wonderfully rich and inspiring content - such as the meme here…

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