What makes our Kirpans the Worlds Finest?!

I’ve been working at creating excellence – in artfully designed, completely handmade functional knives, swords and kirpans for almost 50 years.
My work is featured in ‘coffee table style’ knife books and collections many places in the world. At two Gurdwaras/Sikh temples in India my work has been gifted, celebrating and honoring important events in Sikh history.

My decades of dedication towards mastering this art and craft is one reason why I'm so passionate to provide excellence for you in the sharp kirpans (what good is a kirpan that is not sharp?) we create for Sikhs and collectors worldwide, which they can be proud to own, wear, gift and even use if absolutely necessary....
This to inspire themselves (or loved ones) to take seriously in today’s world of all-too-regular injustice, carrying on the legacy of the 10th Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh and standing up for everyone’s rights! This is our responsibility and privilege as Sikhs and / or spiritual warriors....

I go out of my way to visit the factories we work with to insure the quality of the kirpans we receive from them is the very best possible. When we create new kirpans from our original designs, every detail of that design, fabrication and finish are given attention. And yes, we have found numerous folks actually collect our ‘artisan kirpans’!

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