Why I believe our Artisan Kirpans are a wonderfully valuable investment for any who consider themselves Sikhs...

 For more than 45 years I have worked diligently to bring forth excellence and innovation in custom created knives, swords, kirpans and jewelry. My intensive training at university early on, in metalsmithing and art, influence the caliber and quality of what we bring to market.

Because God has afforded me a creative imagination, the highest standards and some new support, it feels like we have just begun to bring forth the inspirational product lines and varied artisan kirpans that we hope will help Khalsa Raj becoming a household name worldwide, inspiring and empowering many. We insist upon excellence in fit and finish from all who create things for us, so you or loved ones can be proud to own and wear these items.

So why as Sikhs do we wear kirpans and what should those kirpans provide? From my perspective after 52 years living as a Singh and a Khalsa, a kirpan should offer the capacity to be used if absolutely necessary, whether in defense of our self or others. It should be comfortable in the hand and must be sharp to be a practical tool. If it is beautiful with inspirational elements, it might just inspire us to be the saint soldiers that is our birthright as sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh.

Everything has become more expensive in our lives and our Kirpans are not different.  Our margins have remained the same. Our costs have gone up and our insistence from our factory suppliers to continue to provide us excellence without compromise is our standard.

Any interest you may have in helping us grow if you have the means or becoming a reseller are welcomed. We have prolific resellers in both Canada and the United Kingdom, and are looking to set up more of them in the USA and elsewhere in the world. 

We will always welcome your support, feedback and suggestions - so don’t hesitate to reach out…. Thank you

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