Why you’ll treasure commissioning a legacy one-of-a-kind knife, sword or kirpan with us…

I’ve been working at creating excellence – in artfully designedcompletely handmade knives, swords and kirpans for almost 50 years. My work is featured in ‘coffee table style’ knife books and collections many places in the world. At two Sikh Temples in India in the last 25 years my work has been gifted, celebrating and honoring important events in Sikh history.

The privilege to work on several sacred objects, including those for private clients - has been a profound blessing, and provided auspicious experiences for growth and to be of service to the community…

I was afforded a vision maybe 40 years ago ‘make the name Khalsa synonymous with the name Fabergé’ - the famous Russian artisan noted for the Fabergé jeweled Eggs -

Don’t miss this window of opportunity to work very closely with us - call today or soon….


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