The inherent power in our stainless Damascus steel Kara bracelets!!

For about 25 years I forge welded my own high carbon Damascus steel mostly for one of a kind knives that I sold the collectors all over the world. The last sword blade I actually forged was utilized in this rather important sword gifted to Keshgar Sahib Gurdwara in Anandpur Sahib India in April ’99. Numerous colleagues contributed to make this possible, as we were manifesting my teacher, Yogi Harbhajan Singh’s, inspired visionwith this sword. 

So, I knew after investing in making 1000 of our stainless Damascus steel karas, that they were going to be very cool. It was only after they arrived, did I become aware of their real power!

 It happened one morning after my daily Japji Sahib, (a Sikh prayer) and yoga, then during meditation/Naam Simran, that the creator whispered to me ‘make sure you convey to people ‘these are going to augment their spiritual warrior presence - helping them speak up for themselves and everyone else’….

I believe it is Because Damascus steel has been used for generations in the finest edged weapons - so there is inherent power in this forge welded combination of metals.

Don’t miss out - I sincerely believe these are among the most beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and powerful karas to ever have been created…


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