The Unique Power inherent in our stainless Damascus steel kara bracelets...


And still for a very brief period at our introductory prices!

For about 25 years I forge welded my own high carbon Damascus steel. The last sword blade I forged was utilized in this most important sword, gifted to Keshgar Sahib Gurdwara in Anandpur Sahib India in April ’99. Numerous colleagues contributed to make this possible, as I was manifesting my teacher, Yogi Harbhajan Singh’s, inspirational vision with this sword.

So, I knew after investing in making 1000 of our stainless Damascus steel karas, that they were going to be pretty fabulous. It was only after they arrived, did I become aware of their real power!

 It was one morning after Japji and yoga, during meditation/Naam Simran, that the creator whispered to me to make sure we convey to everyone ‘these are going to augment people's spiritual warrior presence - helping them speak up for themselves and everyone else - without hesitation'! 

Because Damascus steel has been used for generations in the finest edged weapons - so there is inherent power in this forge welded combination of metals.

For me this is helping honor, support and manifest the legacy of Guru Gobind Singh, who 300+ years ago, stood up for everyone!!

Don’t miss out - discounts will disappear before the end of the year…

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