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Pre-Order Inspirational, Protective Talismans for Home, Office and Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) at 30% off...

Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh - 3D Wall Art pre-order at 30% off!

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We've had very positive responses and sales of samples - several places we have shown and offered these in person.

Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh 3D Wall Art portraits masterfully created in CAD (computer aided design) are inspirational and protective talismans. They are 16"/41cm high (weighs 2.9 pounds) and 24"/61cm high (weighs 6.6 pounds) are available with dark blue or ivory colored backgrounds. 

These are made from a non-toxic resin* and painted gold and are able to be mounted on a wall in a home, office or Sikh Temple/Gurdwara. Each of these provides a secure small opening on the  top back to mount on a wall. These have been created to be used indoors and out of direct sunlight. We will ship to you free in the USA ($45 internationally) and at 30% off of retail. We expect you should have it by mid February 2024.

Guru Nanak was born on 15 April 1469 – 22 September 1539. He's also referred to as Baba Nanak and was the founder of Sikhism and is the first of the ten Sikh Gurus. Nanak is said to have travelled far and wide across Asia teaching people the message of 'one God', who dwells in every one of his creations and constitutes the eternal Truth. With this concept, he would set up a unique spiritual, social, and political platform based on equality, fraternal love, goodness, and virtue. Guru Nanak's words are registered in the form of 974 poetic hymns, in the scripture of Sikhism, the Guru Granth Sahib, with some of the major prayers being the Japji Sahib, the Asa di Var, (‘ballad of hope'); and the Sikh Gohst ('discussion with the Siddhas'). It is part of Sikh religious belief that the spirit of Nanak's sanctity, divinity, and religious authority had descended upon each of the nine subsequent Gurus when the Guruship was devolved on to them.

Guru Gobind Singh was born on January 5, 16671 - 21 October, 1708. A divine messenger, a warrior, a poet, and a philosopher, Guru Gobind Singh Ji molded the Sikh religion into its present shape, with the institution of the Khalsa brother and sister hood, and the completion of the sacred scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, in the final form that we find today. Before leaving his mortal body in 1708, Guru Gobind Singh decreed the Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the next and perpetual Guru of the Sikhs.

 *We recommend that you do not expose these to prolonged direct sunlight.

We will have these available by mid February 2024 and you will receive a shipping notification once we have created a shipping label. 

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