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Large gemstone adi shakti brooches

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Solid sterling silver gemstone and mother of pearl adi shakti brooches (pin pendants)

Solid sterling silver gemstone and mother of pearl adi shakti brooches (pin pendants). Brooches (for our reference purposes) are more substantial than many of our pin pendants. There is also a wonderful elegance in their unique border designs. All gemstones and shell pieces are natural and undyed. Interested in a chain for your brooch? Click here for appropriate size Byzantine style chains.

A. Oval ocean jasper 2"/5cm high x 2.35"/6cm wide

B. Oval paua shell 1.875"/4.8cm high

C. Oval Tibetan Turquoise 2.35"/6cm high

D. Oval imperial jasper - 2.35"/6cm high

E. Pink mother of pearl - 1.75"/4.4cm in diameter

F. Oval rainbow moonstone - 1.875"/4.8cm high x 2.125"/5.4cm wide

G. Oval paua shell - 2"/5cm high x 2.35"/6cm wide

Ocean jasper is a stone of joy and high spirits. It is soothing and centering and can help us from overreacting to people and situations. It is useful in facilitating a meditative state, and can help an experience of "presence" in the moment. It banishes complacency and the habit to take ones loved ones, health, prosperity or security for granted. Provides helpful relief from depression by shifting ones focus on the positive, wholesome aspects of life. Beneficial to wear in social situations, as its positive vibrations are amplified and spread through ones energy field to everyone nearby. Supports the regeneration of tissues in the body, the healing of organs and balancing of the glandular system.

Mother of Pearl enhances mental clarity, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, adaptability, cooperation. Helps those in need of loving care; calming and sedating in nature. Also associated with the powers of wealth and protection.

Turquoise is considered to be a healer of the spirit, provider of calm and peace of mind. Induces wisdom and understanding. Thought to combine the energies of the sky and earth, and considered Earth-grounding. Considered to provide strength and protection during vision quests. May enhance trust and kindness. Stimulates the throat, heart, and navel chakras (energy centers in the body.) May bring communication and creative skills to emotional situations. Opens communication, expression, mental relaxation. Used in the treatment of headaches, regeneration of tissue, and relief to skin disorders related to stress.

Rainbow moonstone emanates great vitality, life force and exuberant joy. It offers the gifts of inner peace and harmony, emotional balance and strength, purification and transformation of negativity, as well as pychic protection. Rainbow moonstone facilitates the alignment and activation of all of the chakras (energy centers in the body,) while helping one maintain a centered and grounded presence. These gems are powerful healers of the emotional body. They are recommended for anyone who encounters daily stress or who carries old emotional wounds or grief. They aid one in kindling the inner light of the heart and Soul.

Paua shell aids creativity and helps to dispel depression and tension. It is an excellent gemstone for healing conditions with the spinal cord or problems with the bones. It is also helpful for ear canal disorders and hearing loss.