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Compact Noble Lion Kirpans in exquisite midnight blue or white pearl Kirinite (durable resin)

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Through June 16 only!! Purchase any two of our excellent Artisan Kirpans and get a third for free!! Just let us know at checkout which Kirpan you would like the third one to be. (The third one cannot be more expensive than either of the two you have paid for - and do not add any other discount to this order which the website may offer you).
Our Kirpans provide the strength and courage that serve well these days to enable us to 'walk our talk' and serve many with grace, courage and smiles!

These compact size noble lion Kirpans are available in white pearl Kirinite or midnight blue Kirinite (durable beautiful resin) handle and scabbard inserts. They are inset on the handle with a Khanda/Adi Shakti shield (for guidance and protection) and on the scabbard with an exquisitely sculpted lion (to help you towards having the strength of a lion)! Both of these inserts have been plated with a very durable gold-tone/ titanium nitride finish.

When we made mosaic natural mother of pearl kirpans – 8 to 10 years ago, (which we have no plans to do again because of the challenging reality of variations/imperfections in that natural material) – the white pearl always sold out the quickest.

The white pearl Kirinite looks a lot like natural mother of pearl…. That is one reason why we are so enthused about these new kirpans! The exquisite, original laser engraved design work is another!

Orders over $295 ship free in the United States!

Compact Noble lion plain Kirpans are $435 each, including strap and pouch. Each have a 3 inch/7.6cm blade (5.75 inch/14.6cm overall length, including handle approximately. Add $95 for exquisite laser engraving on your Kirpan(s).


Each Kirpan comes with one perfectly fitted Kirpan strap in 2 color choices. (Color choices pictured to the left - final image). Black and gray adjustable length straps have a black metal buckle, white and gray adjustable length straps have a white plastic buckle and the navy blue and gray adjustable length straps have a black metal buckle. Adjustable length straps when at their maximum length are the same length as non-adjustable length straps, which are available in black and gray or white and gray. A gold embroidered zipper pouch is also included. These Kirpans are sharp. We wonder why you would bother to carry a Kirpan that is not?

We are enthused to be able to offer you exceptional artwork that is laser engraved on both sides of the metal fittings of these Kirpans. Patterned after our much more expensive hand engraving, the laser engraving adds elements of beauty and sophistication that we have not been able to offer so affordably. For $95 on all kirpans you can embellish a large, medium or compact Kirpan! This also includes a stylized Ekongkar symbol (representing 'one creator of the creation') on the tip of the scabbard.

Inspirational Blade Etching or Personalization...
We have sacred, inspiring Gurmukhi phrases that can be electro-chemically etched onto the stainless steel blade of your Kirpan(s). It is also possible for us to create any wording and/or design work for your Kirpan blade that you wish. These choices are above in the third drop down menu.

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