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Flower of Life Adi Shakti pin pendants and pendants on gemstone and pearl necklaces and multi-faceted gemstone Adi Shakti pendants - on these same necklaces

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Flower of Life Adi Shakti pendants have natural amethyst, garnet, fresh water pearl or carnelian necklaces

Flower of Life Adi Shakti pendants have natural amethyst, garnet, fresh water pearl or carnelian necklaces. We have 12mm multi-faceted gemstone carnelian or sunstone Adi Shakti pendants on the same necklaces. Most are available in solid sterling silver and gold vermeil (100 millionths of an inch/industry standard of 24kt. gold heavy electroplate on solid sterling silver) carnelian necklace only. The pin pendant designs are available in solid sterling silver, gold vermeil and stainless steel in both faceted carnelian and faceted sunstone.

A. Small round freshwater pearl silver necklace with faceted 12mm round sunstone silver pendant.

B. Small silver Flower of Life Adi Shakti pendant on small oval amethyst silver necklace.

C. Small faceted sunstone silver pin pendant only.

D. Small Flower of Life Adi Shakti stainless steel pin pendant only.

E. Small silver Flower of Life Adi Shakti pendant on round freshwater pearl silver necklace.

F. Small oval carnelian silver necklace with faceted 12mm round carnelian silver pendant.

Garnet carries the energy of prosperity producing expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. It balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini energy. It energizes the total system to vitality and controls and dispenses the amount of energy that is best for the system. Garnet helps one align the emotional and intellectual bodies with the perfection of "All That Is."

Sunstone is a stone of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Of all the stones on Earth, this one truly reflects the qualities of Solar Light openness, benevolence, warmth, strength, mental clarity and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. These are also the desired qualities of leadership, and Sunstone can kindle the fire of leadership within those who wear or carry it. Those who feel called to lead may find that Sunstone helps them find the inner conviction and self-discipline to move forward.

Carnelian is usually smooth and often translucent, a durable stone and a dependable lifetime gem. Known to have electromagnetic properties to help ground the wearer, feeding energy directly through the skin, instilling a feeling of well-being and inflowing power. It assists one to take action to manifest their highest goals, dreams and destiny. In communication it helps timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. Gives courage. Helps overcome fear of taking action or fear of doing the wrong thing. A symbol of the warm, vitalizing and positive energy of the earth. When used in meditation it can help one understand how to bring a concept into being. Can assist those who procrastinate or are unable to decide on a course of action. It can lend physical vitality and energy to the body, personal power, creativity and compassion.

Amethyst is a powerful stone for spiritual protection, expansion and purification. It is an aid to meditation and can help to still one's thoughts. It can help curb overindulgence and assist one to give up unhealthy habits. It balances the nervous system and the brain. Amethyst builds a cocoon of light around one's aura or presence, creating a powerful resonant field that helps one remain clear and centered in the midst of negativity, while staying open to spiritual direction and intuitive information.

Cultured freshwater pearls are symbolic of prosperity and beauty and enhance integrity. They are used in the treatment of digestive disorders and for increasing vitality and understanding.